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Custom LASIK

Clearer vision and superior results! That is what you can expect when you trust our skilled surgeons for custom LASIK surgery. Even though traditional LASIK offers exceptional results, some patients want to completely customize and enhance the procedure. Using advanced Wavefront cornea mapping technology, we offer an extremely precise and customized vision correction method. This increases the chances of your having perfect vision after surgery.

What Is Wavefront Custom LASIK Surgery?

Custom LASIK surgery uses 3D measurements of your eye’s surface to guide the lasers. It is highly effective at reshaping your cornea so that any irregularities are corrected. This groundbreaking procedure not only improves your vision, but also helps you see contrast and fine detail much better. In addition, custom LASIK surgery poses reduced risk of post-operative complications, such as temporary glare or halos.

Highly Experienced Custom LASIK Eye Surgeon

Dr. Joseph King, our lead surgeon, is the first eye surgeon in the world to perform custom LASIK using Wavefront technology. As opposed to cutting a corneal flap with a blade, he also uses an advanced IntraLase™ femtosecond laser to achieve exceptionally precise results. If you choose this method of laser eye surgery, Dr. King uses a precision excimer laser to accurately reshape your cornea.
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As a highly skilled and leading custom LASIK eye surgeon, Dr. King has performed more than 90,000 laser eye surgeries. In fact, he is recognized as an expert in the field by many celebrities, military personnel, and pilots who have undergone the procedure. Enjoy compassionate, attentive, and state-of-the-art care when you choose Dr. King and his team for custom LASIK surgery.

Custom LASIK Eye Surgeons You Can Trust

Patients from around the world have come to trust our team of custom LASIK eye surgeons when they want to have 20/20 vision. Our surgeons have decades of experience in developing LASIK technologies, performing procedures, and perfecting LASIK techniques. They are highly skilled at providing custom LASIK for patients of all ages and all types of vision problems.

The Custom LASIK Process

Choose the best option for your unique needs: Custom LASIK! After taking measurements using a safe beam of light, we receive a unique pattern that reveals lower- and higher-order aberrations in your eye. These measurements are then transferred to a 3D map (Wavefront map). Finally, we then transfer this information to a computer that precisely guides the laser. Our surgeon then customizes the LASIK procedure for your unique visual requirements.

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